Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Riddance.

Dear Old Me,

Today marks the first day of a new beginning for me. That's what I am telling myself anyway. I feel something different about today. On my journey to the best ME I can be I have taken a little sojourn. Been slacking a little bit with my eating. Luckily I was smart enough to make exercise a absolute requirement. My classes are posted online I can't miss my workout. Not even a broken foot has kept me from my Zumba, but the food on the other hand? Well, that is what is about to change. I became even more convinced when I came across this photo last night...
                                                        2007 Approximately 280 lbs

I might have previously talked about it, but I am just blown away when I look at it. I have to say that I barely recognize you! The Old Me... I see it a little in the eyes, the dimples are unmistakable and I do recall thinking this outfit was "acceptable". But other than that, you are fading. Which isn't such a bad thing. Because in your place something else is emerging. A New You... A whole new you! Someone who is rich with love from all angles. Someone who is not afraid to be honest and no longer lies out of shame. Someone who knows how to overcome, to persevere. Someone who has stayed strong through the toughest of times. Someone who is able to get through even tougher times to come. Something great is taking your place and I couldn't be happier.

With that being said, I do have to remind you that you will make it happen when you are ready. You have to really, really want it.

I really, really want to live my life at my very healthiest weight. I want to conquer this relatively small task of losing this last bit of weight. Fifty. 50. Pounds... 50 pounds!!! I can do this!!! For hell's sake I have already lost almost 150! What is 50 more?

So, Old Me, when you're ready to really make it happen you need to be prepared to say goodbye to the person in that picture... Good riddance!

The New You