Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May showers...

Dear Old Me,

I had a chance to go to an old favorite ZUMBA class tonight. Tuesdays are usually pretty hectic so I can't typically make it. I used to go to Shae's classes all the time. She is a wonderful instructor. Her class was one of the first ones that I ever attended. I remember when I was so baffled by Cumbia and the whole lazy/sleepy leg thing that EVERYONE struggles with. She took the time to go over it with me in detail until it clicked. She took that extra few seconds to show me how my body should move to that particular rhythm. That connection and the realization that my body can and will move that way is super important to me and tonight I felt it again. I felt it on my way to class tonight. I could feel it in the brisk air and the bright green of all of the trees finally showing their true colors. Things were clicking then and they are clicking now. I feel like this is my time to make it happen and I can't miss this opportunity.

I know Shae will understand what I mean when I say that I love the way she moves and the fact that she is a girl with a  little (emphasis on little) junk in the trunk that she isn't afraid to shake. If it isn't shaking (uncontrollably, IMO) than you aren't doing it right! And her ways of describing the moves crack me up. They stay with me even now and I know other beginners like I was will relate and I can share them with the humor and empathy needed. OMG, I forget how much I adore her!

The rec center studio where the classes are held has big wall to floor windows. You typically can't see in or out of them because they get so steamed up due to all the booty shakin'. I love it! But this evening it was beautiful. The sun was hitting the horizon just the way it does so perfectly here in Utah. After days and days of rain it was finally bright and sunny. The golden rays reflected of the snowy peaks and when I looked out the window all I saw was the beauty of LIFE. Green, flowers, golden sunlight and me dancing like no one is watching...

As I stretched at the end of the class I was overcome with the feelings that completely engulfed my world two years ago. I started really focusing on my weight loss and getting healthy in May of 2009. I felt the same way then as I do now. Each day is a new opportunity. Each moment. Each step. Each time I breathe I have a chance to start over, to have my own "spring". I revel in these moments because they are the moments that keep me moving forward. Here's to spring and to new beginnings (as often as you need them).

April showers (and May ones apparently) bring... maybe JUNE flowers,

The New You

P.S. Check out Shae's schedule (this is no joke... and on top of all bazillion of these classes the chick also runs marathons. Real ones. Like 26.2 miles of running... straight. However, I digress. Here is her schedule:

Monday: 6am Running Club at LiveFIt7 Daybreak, 8am Aqua Zumba Daybreak, 930am Yoga DayBreak Academy, 4:30 Murray Zumba, Tuesdays: 9:00am Pum...p at Live Fit7 Daybreak, 11am Zumba Gold at South Jordan Rec, 12pm Zumbatomic South Jordan Rec, Teen Training 4:30pm at LiveFit7 Daybreak, 5:30pm Pilates T-ville Golds Gym, 7:00pm So Jo Rec Zumba, Wed: 8am Aqua Zumba at Daybreak, 9am Fitness Pilates Live Fit7 DayBreak, 1030am Zumbatomic Daybreak Art Academy, 530pm Zumbatoning, and 630pm Zumba at So Jo Rec, Thurs: 6am Running Club at LiveFit7 Daybreak, 930am Yoga at DayBreak Art Academy, and4:45pm Pilates and 5:15pm Zumba Select Health Friday: Aspire Pilates at 6am Zumbatoning, 8am Aqua Zumba at Daybreak, 10am Zumbatoning Live Fit7at Daybreak, and Fridays South Jordan Rec 12pm and Saturdays South Jordan Rec 9 am Zumba.

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