Thursday, May 19, 2011

Consistency... is key.

Dear Old Me,

One thing that I know you are more than aware of is that consistency is not your strong suit. Well, I guess I should say it wasn't your strong suit. But things have changed. They have changed in one aspect of your life at least. Because clearly in others (for example, writing in this blog) you have some room to grow.

The one area that I have proven to be consistent is with my exercise. I know for a fact it is because I love it so much. I have uncovered a passion for dance and music that I knew was there, but never thought I could ever do. How could a 320 lb white girl with no rhythm and absolutely no dance experience (not even a single dance lesson as a kid) ever be a dancer. But it is happening... it is happening and it has helped me lose over 150 lbs!

There is no way in a million years that I would have ever stayed so consistent if I was doing a typical exercise routine like the treadmill or other types of aerobic classes even. There is something special and different about Zumba and dance in general. I don't want to take away from the glory of Zumba, but the core of Zumba is dance. Dance will set you free. It is what makes Zumba different and what is incredible is that anyone can do it. The creators of Zumba are inspired in the way they have created a program that allows anyone (yes, ANYONE) the opportunity to dance, the opportunity to feel free and unencumbered even if it is just for that one hour a few times a week. It happens by keeping "exercise" out of the equation or a side note at most. You know you are working harder than you probably ever have at a work out, but it doesn't feel like it. When you are done you are laughing, talking, SMILING! How is that possible? Dance. It truly is amazing and a miracle in my life.

It has given this former fat girl the opportunity for a richer, fuller, happier life full of love, friendship and passion. It has given me the opportunity to know that I can in fact be consistent. I can be consistent with one of the hardest aspects of my life, exercise. I am grateful for the gift that Zumba and dance have given me. I am now the healthiest I have ever been. I have the endurance and stamina equal to any other "fitness buff". I could with  training feel confident to do pretty much any workout from running to rock climbing. This has happened only because I have been consistent. I could love Zumba till the cows come home, but if I did not consistently go and put in the time than I would still be, well you. The unhappy, overweight, lonely, uninspired version of me. So in the end finding a workout you love is important but consistency is key.

I am going to make a serious effort to translate the consistency I find with exercise into other aspects of my life. Namely these letters. I commit to staying consistent and writing every day. Even if it is the most boring drivel and makes no sense to anyone. It will be here.

So, until next time...

The New You
( skinnier than you were in high school, YAY!)

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