Monday, June 13, 2011

It is possible. It will happen. I promise.

Dear Old Me,

I recently came across a picture that I think really shows how far I have come. Back in the day when I was so big I rarely had my picture taken. If I did I strategically placed myself in the back or cropped the photo so it was just my face. I wish I had more "before" pictures now. I am not proud of myself for getting so big. But I am proud of how far I have come. I am so grateful to Zumba and all of the support and inspiration I get from my friends and family. I believe that I will not backslide into obesity again because I found exercise that I love. Exercise that I would do for hours on end if I could (and sometimes do).

I am proud of my accomplishments but anytime I get too proud I remember that this is a gift. This is not just my weight loss journey. I feel I have a responsibility to share my story and help others change their lives as well. I have renewed passion this morning and I am committed to having my own Zumba class by the end of the month. I am going to research the different programs at the U and get my butt into school for a degree related to health and wellness. Not sure what it will be exactly. I have to finish my bachelors in marketing first, but that should be done this year so by the spring I can enroll at the U. I want this for life and I want to help anyone and everyone who will let me.

2007... I weighed about 280 lbs and the one below was June 4, 2011 (with my friend Susan), I weighed 165 lbs. 20 lbs to goal and feeling better than I have in my whole life, inside and out. I like these two pics because I am making essentially the same face so you get a good idea of the change.
It is possible. It will happen. I promise.


The New You

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