Friday, June 24, 2011

My inspiration

Dear Old Me,

There are many, many people who have inspired me to stay true to my goals along the way. The most important people have been my instructors. They inspire me and everyone around them and I could not be more grateful.

I have been neglectful in posting in this blog the last little bit which I always regret. The last few weeks have been some of the most amazing to me of any that have passed before. One experience in particular shows just how much our instructors inspire us.

Jamee teaches classes 5 times a week at Quickstep Ballroom Studio. Her sister who owns the studio recently had a concert for her students. It was an amazing time for everyone who got to see it. So professional and fun. Andrea had asked Jamee to recruit some of her students to perform a couple of routines during the show to give the kids some time to change. There would be no pay. It would be on a volunteer basis, but we needed to perform to the level expected in a concert like this. Even that being said 17 ladies willingly volunteered. We stayed after Zumba class for weeks and weeks and practiced and worked so hard to get the number right so we could do Jamee proud. All of us have busy schedules but we did this for Jamee because she inspires us. She makes us want to dance. We would have never done this if it was not for how amazing an instructor and person she is. I adore everything about her. The love of dance shows through in every routine I do in her class. She shows me how to use my creative side... Her routines are unique and complex but so much fun. There are so many times when I have been smiling so hard in her class that I feel like my face might break. It is a true sense of accomplishment when you finally nail a tough number or you finally get that dang 6 count phrase to an 8 count measure (not sure if I said that right) in that one merengue.

I taught my very first class on my own the other night (more to come on that later, I just gotta get caught up on everything else that has been happening). During the entire class I channeled Jamee's energy. I pictured her effortless instruction and kept my feet moving because I knew that is what she would be doing! I am so grateful to her for showing me how to be a better instructor and letting me record her routines to study. I appreciate her friendship and the way she is so willing to help me realize this incredible miracle in my life. There are many times where I felt so discouraged and thought there was no way I could ever do this. I felt insecure and like I would never get it and never be able to be an instructor. She never told me that I couldn't. She has always offered her encouragement and support. Even when my first class wound up being in conflict with her wonderful Wednesday night class she told me she didn't mind. She even promoted my class in hers... knowing it was at the same time as hers. I know she believes in me and that makes me work harder, feel stronger and it makes me believe. After my first class the owner of the studio offered me a second class each week... it just happens to be at the same time as one of Jamee's other classes. That is now two nights a week I am not going to be able shake it with Jamee!!! I am going to go into withdrawals. I love her and all of the wonderful ladies who are so dedicated because of her... I am going to have to make the most of her morning classes this summer!

Before our big debut at the concert all of the ladies got together for ONE shot. We only had a second and we had to nail it... I would say we did. The beauty in this picture runs so deep it is not even funny. Each one of these ladies is unique and beatiful in every way. I love them! BTW, Jamee is the one second from the right, with the hot knee-high converse. She is so freaking adorable I don't know what to even think!

We did a hip hop number in the black to Prrrm... an awesome song I do in my playlist and then a more Zumba obvious dance to a mix of Zumba music... here we are in those costumes. This pic makes my heart happy.

Jamee's schedule:
Mon 8:30pm-9:30pm / Wed 8:30pm-9:30pm and Tues / Thurs / Sat 8:30am-9:30am
Quickstep Ballroom Studio- 9524 South 500 West Sandy UT
I am eternally grateful. Love you Jamee!!!
The New You

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