Sunday, June 5, 2011

An ode...

Dear Old Me,

Is "Ode" a word? It sounds a little strange by itself, but it is the best word to describe how I feel right now. My heart sings. My soul is light and my world forever changed. So, I guess it is very, very appropriate...

Tonight I sing an ode...

An ode to family ties and bonds so strong that nothing can shake them.

An ode to fathers who truly love their children... no matter how those children become theirs.

An ode to daddies who adore their daughters (and sons) and know that when they twirl and shine (spotlight not required) that these wonders of life are spectacular and theirs to protect... forever.

An ode to mamas who know that what they do means the world and the world a million times over would never take their place nor be anything in comparison to the beauty and simplicity of "MOM".

An ode to sisters who are forever loyal and stand tall and strong for each other.

An ode to friends who laugh and shine together for no other reason than the sun is out and we have this one moment to make it happen.

An ode to love and life and everything that is wonderful right now...

My heart is filled to the brink. Not sure if I can handle any more... but willing to take a chance.

I hope this counts,

The New You

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