Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the record.

Dear Old Me,

It is truly an amazing feeling when you find something that you are passionate about. It seems like it is no coincidence that for the first time in my life everything is just falling into place. It is like the universe has set in motion and all the right things seem to be happening for me. There are goals and aspirations that I have now that I never thought in a million years I would ever want let alone ever be able to accomplish. Every moment that passes I want it more and I will stop at nothing to get there. My determination surprises and delights me.

May 28, 2011 will be a big milestone. It is two years to the date that you went to Weight Watchers weighing in at 321 lbs. I have several goals surrounding that date. For the record, the first part of the goal will be to be Zumba certified by May. The classes are tough to find and that is really the only obstacle to achieving that goal. I am ready now and if it were up to me I would already be there. I would like to be certified before the May 7th big Zumba party, but it is okay if I am not. The second part of the May 28th goal is that I plan to be at my goal weight of 150 lbs. It is a miracle to me that we are talking months for this to happen. It’s not a pipe dream, years away. It’s not “if only”, not “what if”, but it is simply a matter of days.

I am determined to make this happen. I never want to feel hopeless again. I want this for life.

Until Next Time,

The New You


  1. You are an inspiration my dear..may all those lovely dreams come true very very soon!

  2. So excited to be an observer of this part of your journey.