Monday, March 14, 2011


Dear Old Me,

I am having a little bit of a dilemma today. I had intended to go to a 6am class this morning. I had everything packed up and ready so I could shower and stuff at the gym. I went to bed early. Well earlier than normal. I packed the boy’s lunches. My 5:20am alarm went off this morning and I just could not drag myself out of bed. I usually never miss my Monday class. I am learning to put myself first and Zumba makes me happy. I love the feeling of doing something that is good for me. The dilemma is that I have made plans to go to a play with some friends. There is no way for me to do both my Monday class and go to the play. There will not be enough time between when I get off from work and when I need to head down to Orem for me to get a good workout done.

I have been very adamant that I  CANNOT miss a workout. I CANNOT and WILL NOT ever make excuses as to why I can’t work out. There is always a way and I swore to myself that I would do whatever I could to never miss. I feel like I am failed myself this morning by oversleeping. I am upset that I can’t workout today and I missed my one chance. I feel like missing even just this one workout will cause me to backslide and will make it easier for me to make excuses down the road.

Panic!!! I need to figure out a way to get a good sweaty workout in. A walk around the building just doesn’t cut it! It is lunchtime right now, so I am going to at least do that so that I can feel like I did something today.

Until next time,

The New You

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