Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So you can see how far you've come...

Dear Old Me,

Debbie, the girl who covers the front desk/office manager here at work is so sweet to me. This morning she told me that every time she sees me I am smaller… I believe she called me the shrinking lady. She humors me by taking pictures of me in the lobby. I know it seems silly, but you know how it is. You can’t really tell what you look like by looking down at yourself and a mirror just isn’t the same. At first I had her take a couple pics of me because I wasn’t sure if my outfit looked good and I wanted confirmation. I am so unsure of myself and I truly don’t want to be one of those people who lose a bunch of weight and then don’t know how to dress their new bodies. Today was a little different, I kind of knew I looked good and I wanted to document the miracle of the size 12 Gap trousers mentioned in my earlier post. So here it is. The picture is blurry, but you get the idea. I plan on taking some pictures with something other than my camera phone. But look at me, or should I say look at you! 

I am giddy with joy in the fact that this is me! And I am not even done yet. For reference here is a picture of you to compare against. This picture was taken in 2008. Unfortunately it is still another 18 months and 50+ lbs more before you get your butt in gear.

I can hardly believe it is the same person. Start believing it! You have all the power to make it happen!

The New You


  1. WOWOWOWOWWWW! Wowzer! Yippie-yi-yay! You look aMAzIng!

  2. Dear Fat Girl Gone Skinny:

    That new picture of you makes me cry with joy. I am *SO THRILLED* for you.

    Much love,

    Your big sis

  3. Can you even believe it is me!!!!??

  4. Oh, Julyn!!! There is more than hope- you can make this happen! I want to do whatever I can to help. My most recent post about family and taking comfort and strength from each other is for you too!

  5. Awesome again! You go girl!