Friday, March 18, 2011

You are Wonder Woman

Dear Old Me,

Looks like I am going to make up for the lack of posts with a million letters in one day. I guess I found my words…

I wanted to let you know something real quick. There will come a time when you actually feel comfortable in a skirt/dress. I know, I know. It is hard to believe, because seriously who likes to wear a skirt? You do, every day in fact. And you won’t believe this either, not only do you feel comfortable in a skirt or dress in general, today you are rocking a short skirt and it’s HOT.

I feel fantastic about how far I have come and truthfully I am excited about how far I have to go. Today I am going to relax. I am going to appreciate and celebrate my success. Every second of it... I will remember who I used to be and how far I have come. I will take today to breathe it all in knowing that I have worked my ass off to get here. I am going to take the day and let my body rest. I have pushed it hard and I know I need to. And tomorrow I will get back to working the rest of my ass off. :-)

Until Next Time (which just might be later today),

The New You

P.S. And seriously, how much do you love Debbie at the front desk for celebrating with you and never once judging? She is a bright little ray of light.She said you look like Wonder Woman when she took this pic. And I agree. You look like a wonder woman because it's true!


  1. It's gotta be them sexy legs! Looking great!

  2. You are totally rocking the skirt! <3