Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!!!

Dear Old Me,

Sometimes I wonder if how I am feeling about becoming Zumba certified and pursuing fitness and health as a potential career is typical for someone who has experienced a large weight loss. To be clear Zumba is just the first step in something I want to make a full time occupation. I am just so high on life and how good it feels to be active and social. I see that I inspire people and in turn they inspire me. I want that feeling in every interaction I have if possible.

I know to anyone who loses a lot of weight it feels liberating. I have heard a million times that it can change your life. Is this what they were talking about? Does everyone think they can become fitness instructors or is it just me? I truly feel so passionate about it and I want to do BIG things. In fact I have never felt so passionately about something in my life. Every time I think about it I get choked up and tears sting my eyes. I get downright emotional. I didn’t have this passion when I first started losing weight. Once I admitted that I actually wanted to become certified I felt extremely happy and content.

On the way into work this morning it dawned on me that I could really feel like this every day. I could love what I do and spend my days doing something that makes me happy. But am I just wacky off the endorphins and it’s all just my Zumba-high talking? After all this is the first time I have ever really worked out like this and been so consistent. I don’t really know if this euphoric state I find myself in all the time is temporary.  Could it last?  Would people listen to what I have to say? For now I am not going to question it. I am just going to let it happen. Well, to be more exact, I am going to MAKE it happen.

First things first, double Zumba. And did I mention that on May 6th you will officially be a Zumba instructor? Well believe it, because like I said, I am going to MAKE it happen.

Until Next Time,

The New You


  1. AWESOME!!! Congratulations on being courageous to become certified. Just the other day at a Zumba class I was coming up with ideas to increase my intensity. I was thinking that I was going dancing and that it was for women only. Men can do it too, but I've only seen one guy do it once.

  2. May 6th! Wow. How awesome is that? You just ride this wave as far as it will take you. :)